Monday, December 27, 2010

Ayurveda Teacher’s Training Course: *NEW SEMESTER*

Starting Saturday, January 8th 2011

Ayurveda Teacher’s Training Course:
Healing Alchemist
Therapy and Yoga Leadership

Part IYoga Leadership Course4pm-7pm (Manchon Center)
The topics of the class include, but are not limited to:
Yoga, The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, Teaching, Anatomy, Adjusting, Modern Yoga,Oriental Medical Philosophy, Yoga History...

Part IITherapist Course10am-1pm (Siji Center)
The topics of the class include, but are not limited to:
CST (Cranio-Sacral Therapy), Zen Counseling Therapy, Family Constellation Therapy, Dancing Meditation, Laughing Meditation, Tarot to cultivate awareness about the mirror into our unconscious. We use any therapy that leads to transformation; therapy is a tool to prepare us for meditation.

Commonly Asked Questions~
1) Are the leadership classes taught in Korean?
Yes. The classes are taught in Korean, but there is always a translator (at least one^^) who will help out. Also, if you want to improve your Korean this is a really good way. It is important to note that knowledge of Korean is not necessary.

**This applies to Classic yoga classes (excluding Saturday English yoga classes) at the studio as well. The classes are taught in Korean, but you can observe other students, as well as the teacher. Also, most of the teachers use basic English to explain postures that you are struggling with. Also, if you come at night to the Siji Center, there are two foreigners that are at the studio from 5:30pm-10pm Mon-Fri and can help with anything.

2) How long does that course run?
6 months… You can join at any time. There are one or two reports and if you take the yoga leadership portion, at around the six month mark you will be asked to make a basic sequence between 30-45 minutes and then present it in a model class and finally a graduation (for both classes). Once you graduate you can continue to attend the course on Saturdays for no extra fee. Also, if you like to celebrate, usually after class many of us go out to celebrate (drinking optional ('u'))

3) When and where are the classes?
The courses are Saturdays, excluding the first Saturday of every month. The Therapy course, which meets in Siji, runs from 10am-1pm. The Yoga Leadership class, which meets in Manchon, runs from 4pm to 7pm. In between teachers usually go out to lunch together, but you are free to do anything you want between programs.

4) Do I have to take both parts (Therapy and Yoga Leadership)?
The choice is yours. If time is a concern of yours and you want part of you Saturday free you can take 1 part or you could take 1 part for 6 months and then after completing the first part you could switch and take the second part at no additional charge. The course fee pays for both parts.
Semester 13 has come to a close...

Ayurveda's Christmas Party

December 18, 2010

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !


One of the Christmas trees at the front desk... The decorations this year were helped me into the merriness of the season...

During the party we had some fun contests... The picture above is from "Best Wind." We did an activity that relates to the theory of the Butterfly effect and letting past love go. It was beautiful.

Best Dressed contest... Everyone took home prizes... Hilarious event, especially when KungFu Panda decided that there needed to be a cat-walk clothes modeling portion in which she demonstrated how the walk should be... Entertaining~

Partners.. Penny (박수진) and Beth~~

Talking and sharing... This might have been right before the feast :)

Setting up the Christmas pot-luck feast... Our silly staff (Serano, HwangJiWon (황지원), KimChaeEun(김채은), and Kelly)

During the party we had between 30 minutes and an hour to explore Golden Touch (therapy). It was a preview for the next Ayurveda Yoga Academy camp... (I will keep everyone posted about details in the coming months)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

After Graduating from the Saturday Leadership Course

Since joining the leadership course… A journey.

CST (Craniosacral Therapy) has been a huge gift that I have gained by joining the AM therapy course. I have cultivated awareness through touch and sensitivity towards other people. I have learned more about the cranial bones and muscles as well as the sacrum. This experience has ushered in yet another way to still the mind and practice one-pointed concentration.
Letting go of my ego has been another aspect of the AM therapy course. Through screaming, dancing, and laughing meditation I have been able to let go of focusing on who is around me and just experiencing with myself what I am feeling. My ego is such a big part of my life and it is nice to enter into a space, bring awareness to the fact, and then consciously explore the different ways the ego is expressed.
Tarot cards, which we use almost every class have helped me to take the time to reflect on my life at the moment. The group provides a safe space to look inside and exorcise and begin to process any issues that are weighing me down or anything I am currently celebrating.
The first time I witnessed Family Constellation Therapy I was not interested in participating. It felt theatrical and the language barrier created gaps in my understanding of the situation as it unfolded. As time passed and I witnessed more sessions and was called to participate in some I began to experience a shift in my thinking. FCT has allowed me to see patterns in my family life and understand my family dynamic more acutely. After healing first hand through it, I have come to have a respect for this form of therapy.

The afternoon yoga leadership course has helped me cultivate awareness of my practice, as well as, gain a better understanding of the complexity and simplicity of yoga. We have talked about a vast array of topics ranging from yoga theory, yoga history, oriental medicine, posture adjustment, asana, and pranayama.
I have been able to practice self-discipline in class. Sitting in this class has actually strengthened my back muscles. HAHA. It is something I have always wanted, but never made time for. It has helped my asana practice. During class time I have also had time to stretch my legs and allow for more flexibility.

In both classes:
Above all I have appreciated having a yoga community that I am a part of. It has felt so empowering to come together with a group of conscious individuals and create a community. As a foreigner living in South Korea I had initially struggle to find a space that was inclusive of me. I was living in the margins and had no place to feel a sense of home in. The yoga studio and specifically the community of yogis that have formed the Saturday leadership course have helped me feel a part of something bigger. I understand yoga to be a solitary inward journey, but it is nice to have people to turn to along the way and lean on. There have been many times in my 19 months here in South Korea that I have hit road blocks, been confused, lost, or hurt and having this loving space has made a world of difference.
Another aspect of the Saturday course has been having a safe space to ask questions and refine thoughts. Not just in class, but going out after class, throughout the week, and in the Daum Café. There is such a safety net of people available to just get messy and explore yogic thought. It stretches to the many facets of life as well. Some of my most profound thoughts have occurred while sitting among the Saturday yogis.
The Saturday leadership course has been the most intense immersion into Korean I could have ever asked for. To spend an entire day surrounded by the beautiful language and to have it reinforced in English whenever I don’t understand has been such a deep and meaningful experience for me. I studied Anthropology in University. The biggest realization that I had during my studies was that if I ever went to another country for an extended period of time I wanted to make it my priority to learn the language of the people.
Another incredible experience has been becoming part of Body Design. After being a member of the leadership course for some time I was invited by the Body Design teacher to be an assistant teacher in her class. It has been such an incredible opportunity. I have been able to experience new styles of yoga, making adjustment, and I have been able to witness by body-mind changing. Through this class I lost 12 lbs and my body has changed shape. I am more conscious and understand the relationship between asana and pranayama more deeply.
Since graduating the course I have received a certificate to teach, as well as, started teaching two of my own classes on Saturdays. The studio continues to foster my growth. I have even been given space to teach at one of the owner's cafes in downtown Daegu on Sundays. There are constant gifts that I keep receiving from taking this class.
Most recently I have joined the recently restarted all-night meditation on Fridays in Manchon. I had never had the opportunity to explore meditation deeply, but through this course and thanks to the studio, a space has been created. I am learning more about my limits, prana, the power of the mind, and about surrendering into quiet space.
I also just began the Supervision course, which is the level 2 leadership class. It is an year-long program that allows for an even deeper examining of the self, yoga, relationships, teaching, and any aspect of life that manifests during discussions.
I want to mention my gratitude here for all of the people who have taken time to translate the AM and PM courses for us foreigners. I know at times it can be stressful, but it has been greatly appreciated. Bulbi’s English is so simple and poignant that it goes straight from the brain to the heart. Yatren has a flowing way of sharing what is being discussed. He is also quick to clarify or make a joke. He keeps things light-hearted. Tan has a ridiculously developed vocabulary and has been able to help translate even when she is sitting across the room. Jonathan was perhaps the most creative translator I have sat with. He was the king of adding his take on the discussion to what he translated. Suwon quickly warmed up to helping translate the class. She was a great team player. We worked together to decipher any difficult vocabulary we came across. Q had a short attention span, but his passion for English and yoga combined into a very fun and funny experience.
Also, another thank you to all of the members of the leadership course; this was a beautiful journey and I am so grateful to have made it with all of you. I look forward to this next semester and another learning and growing experience.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


*English yoga class is coming to Ayurveda Yoga Academy in Siji, Daegu!

The world can be chaotic. With that in mind, this class has been designed to allow for the manifestation of inner peace. The focus will be on over-all wellbeing through asanas, breathing, and meditation. Health creates inner peace. Each class we will journey through awareness by cultivating a calm mind, strong and flexible spine, and open heart.

SATURDAYS (beginning May 1st)

-All levels welcome
-Mats will be provided
-Dress comfortably

For more information email Megan at