Sunday, July 19, 2015

There will be no class from 7/24-7/31 @ Ayurveda Yoga Academy

There will be 
from 7/24-7/31

See you at Ayurveda for class on 8/3!~

Rooftop Celebration ^_^ -by: Anna teacher

We will dive like this soon?!~ --By: Nirvikalpa teacher

Every year, one time
Austria's Green Lake,
covers the bench, bridge, trees, etc. as the lake floods and becomes this unusual landscape of an underwater park
Diving like this? Soon!~~~~~~~

Our diligently studying teachers... hehe --by: Anna teacher

The unstoppable Buwonjangnim --by: Aarti teacher

Even with a bandage, doing headstand... The unstoppable Buwonjangnim. -- Aarti teacher

Pasta and homemade bread at Ayurveda!~

Wonjangnim's vongole pasta

Amie and Megan's bread~
-garlic and olive

Chocolate bread and 
cinnamon sugar buns~