Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Foot Massage Class begins (Sat.) 1.24

We just finished our Thai Massage class and are getting ready for the next class:

Foot Massage Class!~

Class dates: 

Saturdays from 7pm-10pm for 3 weeks
January 24th, 31st, & February 7th 
@Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Manchon Center

Class fee: 150,000won
*There is a 100,000won registration fee for new members of the Ayurveda Yoga Massage School

***(Foot Reflexology is the next class and will run for 3 weeks. The class fee will be 150,000won as well, and if you sign up for both Foot Massage + Foot Reflexology, it's just 250,000won. [You save 50,000won])

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Family Constellation Therapy -- 10am-1pm on 1.17.15 @ our Siji Center~

Family Constellation Therapy

Dr. Bert Hellinger, from Germany, began this new psychological treatment.
 Worldwide, there are over 40 countries that have consultants and psychologists using this effective healing treatment to solve the cause of a variety of problems: personal mental and physical issues, relationship difficulties, and family issues.

This Saturday, 1.17 from 10am-1pm
@ Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Siji Center


What is dealt with: 
- Family relationships: parents-children, brothers and sisters, spousal difficulties
 - General relationships: trouble with a partner, work place/school social troubles…
-Bodily/Mental diseases symptoms: obesity, under-eating/over-eating, atopy, infertility,
 alcohol addiction, addiction to games, melancholia, OCD, anger issues, autism, ADHD, growth development, panic attacks, chronic stress, weak back...

If you are interested in a session, email: megan.deutsch@gmail.com or call: 053-793-1358

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Buwonjangnim's Indian Cooking ^_^

Sharing an Indian Feast

For 5 hours, we prepared together


Rice, aloo palya, beetroot palya, and cucumber raita

sweet and dal fry

chapati and papadum

Almost time to start eating!~


The best way to eat... with our hands ^^


The colors!!!~

And we begin~~~

And  finish with chai ^_^

Thank you all for your hard work!~

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ida Teacher's 'Happy' post:

Delicious "New Year's Rice Cake Soup" 
from Aarti teacher, Satya teacher, Suk teacher,
and Donghyun teacher, who prepared from 4 days ago 
(the rice cake was ordered 4 days prior- heh)

We enjoyed and ate well~

2nd round:
Maru teacher brought "Seoul Tart"
*(Aarti teacher's hands made a special appearance)

The champagne cork popped out!~

This is how we hang out~

We also hung out with Hayeom, who came to visit
all of the way from Busan.^^

Anna teacher's charming eyes!~

I'm so happy to be alive now

Thank you
I love you

Samasati Meditation -- 12.31.14

Samasati Meditation Program

With new faces, and familiar faces,
to melt into the space, we greeted each other 
and shared stories~

Then we went back to our own seats.

Samasati Meditation_ a journey through
conscious dying and rebirth.

Be aware and remember that since you are alive, you must not take your life for granted. Choose the position: 'I will always value my life.'
Appreciating my life means waking up every morning and looking in the mirror, and saying to myself, 'I am so happy to be alive!'