Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Sleeping Beauties after 6:30AM Class

Everyone relaxed well today ^_~


A New Record-Holder for Plank Pose

Leslee sent this article and it made me smile and I had to share:

This is a challenge pose to hold even for 5 or 10 seconds for many of us...

I wonder how many times we'd have to play 'Let it Be' (the song we often use while holding plank) to make it as long as George Hood has


Some inspiration to keep practicing 

wink emoticon

Sunday Trip -- 5.31.15

We went to Gimhae for Ddeokbokki~ hehe

Then we decided to tour Gimhae's best cafes ;)


Illuso in Gimhae

Their patio was amazing~

A spoon with a face ;)


Mile Coffee in Gimhae:

We had to take a selfie~~~

On the roof ^_^

Mile Coffee definitely sells tumblers that say, 
'Siva' in Korean ;) 

In Daegu we met up with Satya teacher and went for
a double feature at Daegu Stadium:
'미뢰한' and 'Mad Max'

Looking forward to the next trip ^_~

*Photos by Anna teacher

Sunday, May 24, 2015

5.25.15-- Ayurveda is closed today in observance of Buddha's Birthday!~

Hoping everyone is having a happy long weekend!~
See you Tuesday^^

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Who is in? Neti, neti. Who is in?

(*During the afternoon Yoga Leadership Program 5.16.15)
Photo by Ida 

Teacher's Day at Ayurveda Yoga 2015

Ini teacher and her yoga baby, Jiyun, came to play~~ ^^*

Ini brought flowers and cake ^_^

Hwang Munhee gave orchids and Jihye teacher gave wine :)

Thanks, Meg^^

Flower's from Maru in Seoul!~

Thank you Wonjangnim and Buwnjangnim by Sumi teacher (Teacher's Day 2015)

 Going out to meet on teacher's day, there was a cozy seat of gratitude.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yoga, Meditation, Scuba Diving, WaterCST, Massage @ Phuket, Thailand [7.19-8.2] 2015

Rooftop BBQ at the Manchon Center ^_^ 4.18.15

 A Sudden rooftop party ^___^

 We set up the space


 All ready for the night's festivities^^

 Getting the eggs ready for the hamburgers


Can never have enough beverages ;)

 And the great conversations roll out~~~

 Setting the table

Silly times

Taking a bite!~

Striking a pose ;)

 Coming together ^_^

Fish cake soup~

And fish!~

 Friends and fellow yogis (yoginis) ^_~

Thai style meat ^______^ 

 Our view... The skyline~

 Cup art ^^

Around the fire pits ~~~