Sunday, March 31, 2013

18th Semester of the Healing Alchemy Leadership Course

The 18th semester 

of the 

Healing Alchemy Leadership course

 starts in May~ 

Yoga Leadership Course:
-Hatha Yoga and BodyMind Therapy
-Yoga Teacher Training

Therapist Course:
-Craniosacral Therapy
-Alternative and Natural Healing
-Zen Counseling
-Family Constellation Therapy
-Self Development

Through this course you can gain the tools you need to achieve your goals~

Come and awaken to this moment.

*Join now and get 6 months of free Classic yoga at either of our studios (Manchon and Siji, Daegu), plus an additional month free!~ (*offer expires when the 18th semester begins in May)

For more information message, Megan Deutsch @