Saturday, May 10, 2014

Integral Therapy for Back Pain 2 Night, 3 days Workshop-- 6..6~8.14

Integral Therapy for Back Pain 2 Night, 3 Day Workshop

Q: Suppose the pain goes away in my lower back and starts up in my
neck and shoulders. What do I do?
A: My routine advice to patients is to call me up so that we can
discuss the meaning of the switch. During the early phases of the
treatment program the brain may try to locate the TMS (Tension
Myositis Syndrome) somewhere else in the neck, shoulders, back or
buttocks. It is reluctant to give up this convenient strategy for
diverting attention away from the emotions. Patients must be warned
that this may occur, that they must not panic or get discouraged, but
merely apply the same principles to the new location. I remind
them that the musculoskeletal system is not the only one where
the brain can set up a diversion. It can do the same thing in the
gastrointestinal tract, the head, with tension or migraine headache,
the skin, the genitourinary tract. The brain can cause mischief in any
organ or system in the body, so one must be on guard. I advise
my patients to consult their regular physicians if a new symptom occurs
but to let me know about it since it may be serving the same purpose
as TMS. For example, stomach ulcers should be treated with proper
medication but it is almost more important to recognize that they are
coming from tension factors.
[from Dr. John Sarno's 'Healing Back Pain']
Back and spine, the connected shoulders and pelvis... Integral Therapy for all of the symptoms of our body's center.
[Program Information]
CST - A healthy spine through Craniosacral Balancing Therapy
Art of Touch - Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Herb Ball Massage
Family Constellation - The mechanism of the origin of pain from the intertwining of relationships
Meditation - Solving suppression of the body and emotions
Yoga - The best practice technique for that come from over 6,000 years of study of the spine

6/6*~8 (10AM~5PM)
Ayurveda Yoga And Healing Arts, Siji Center(053.793.1358)
By 5/26 registration fee 200,000won (After that 270,000won)
*Per day: 100,000won
(Daegu Bank 508-11-282361-3 JeongWooYoung/ 대구은행 508-11-282361-3 정우영)

**Friday, June 6th is a national holiday (Memorial Day) 

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